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Course Etiquette

  1. An eighteen-hole round of golf at Meadowbrook should not exceed four-and-one-half hours. Each group should maintain proximity with the group in front of them. If there is an open hole ahead of a group that cannot maintain or reacquire its proximity with the group in front of them, it is the duty of the slower playing group to allow the faster players behind to play through.

  2. Any player of the slower group may invite the faster group to play through without consultation with or the consensus of the other players in the group. It shall be considered proper for the following group to request the privilege of playing through.

  3. Golfers may not stop for more than five minutes between nines without obtaining permission from the Golf Shop. Sending a member of the group to hold the tee is not permitted.

  1. All play and use of the golf course will be governed by the Rules of the United States Golf Association, which are incorporated herein by reference.

  1. Every effort shall be made by the players to respect the course at all times. This includes:

  2. Repair ball marks on greens. Insert a tee or divot repair tool behind the pushed up turf and push (not lift) the turf toward the depression to smooth out the mark. Press down firmly after repair is made.

  3. Raking sand bunkers. Carry the rake into the bunker and rake smooth after playing each shot. Enter and leave the bunker on the low side only.

  4. Replacing and sanding all divots. Sand all divots in fairways. Firmly press down all attached divots. Replace those unattached divots in the rough.

  5. Keep course clean. Place cans, paper cups, and other waste in the waste containers at the teeing areas, restrooms, and shelters. While smoking materials are allowed on the course, proper care must be exercised to prevent littering and the danger of fire. Pick up broken tees and loose spikes. These cause serious damage to mowers.

  6. Walk carefully on the green. Do not scuff greens while walking or turning. Only soft-spiked or soft-soled golf shoes or tennis shoes are permitted on the course. Other turf-type, metal spikes, or street shoes are not allowed.

  7. The use of good judgment should prevail in order to preserve the course in fine playing condition. Leave it better than you found it.

  1. Carts must be operated in a safe and prudent manner and with respect to the golf course. Stay on the cart path whenever possible. When driving and parking on the paths, keep all wheels on the concrete cart path. Observe all traffic rules and directional signage. When carts are permitted in the fairways, enter the fairway before reaching the first green post marked “enter”.

  2. KEEP THE CART IN THE FAIRWAY AT ALL TIMES. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, DRIVE IN THE ROUGH. Be sure to exit the fairway before reaching the second green stake, which is marked “exit”. CARTS OFF THE CART PATH MUST NEVER BE DRIVEN WITHIN 50 FEET OF TEES, GREENS, BUNKERS, OR APRONS AND MUST REMAIN ON THE PATHS ON ALL PAR THREE HOLES. Do not drive over cart path curbs. Violators will be subject to warning and suspension of privileges.

  3. Only those persons with a valid driver’s license are permitted to operate a golf cart on Club grounds. This is applicable to private carts as well. Cart drivers must observe all signs and barriers, including sprinkler heads, and must remain at least two cart lengths from one another while in motion.

  4. No more than two persons are permitted to ride seated in any one cart. The occupants of the cart are responsible for themselves, the cart, their property, injury to themselves or others, and any damage incurred while using the cart. Any damage to a cart of other property will be charged to the Member in accordance with the rental agreement. PLAYERS MUST SIGN A RENTAL AGREEMENT BEFORE A CART MAY BE ASSIGNED TO THEM. All carts must be returned to the Golf Shop at the end of a round. Players abusing cart privileges are subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the By-Laws of the Club, including suspension of cart privileges.

  5. Privately owned carts are allowed on the grounds provided that each homeowner using a privately-owned cart pays the annual user fee, due and payable by June 1st each year. Failure to pay the fee by the due date may result in revocation of these privileges. Only the homeowner and members of the immediate family shall have use of the cart on Club grounds. Guests or other Members riding in privately owned carts shall be required to pay the regular Club cart fee.

  6. Carts taken to the driving range/putting green are done so as a service to the Membership. IT IS NOT PERMISSIBLE TO TAKE A CART FROM THE DRIVING RANGE ONTO THE GOLF COURSE WITHOUT FIRST RETURNING TO THE GOLF SHOP AND SIGNING A RENTAL AGREEMENT. Violators will be subject to warning and suspension of privileges.

  7. Golf carts are restricted to the cart paths at the discretion of the Golf Course Superintendent or his delegate. When golf carts are restricted to the cart paths, no one may drive carts off of the cart paths.

  8. RED FLAGS are granted to permanently and temporarily disabled golfers to provide improved access to the golf course. In order to be granted a red flag, a golfer must request such in writing from the Board of Governors. Red Flags are awarded on an annual basis and written requests must be accompanied by a physician’s recommendation. If Red Flag status is denied, a golfer may appeal such denial by an appearance before a regular meeting of the Board of Governors.

    1. The list of those golfers with Red Flag privileges shall be kept at the Golf Shop and only those golfers on the list shall be given a Red Flag. The flags must be returned to the Golf Shop at the conclusion of each round. Members who own golf carts and are accorded Red Flag status must also secure and return their flags at the Golf Shop under the same provisions. Members with guests requiring Red Flags must notify the Golf Shop of this need prior to their arrival at the Club.

    2. Red Flags are issued only on those days when the Superintendent has allowed carts to leave the cart paths. If on a particular day the Superintendent or his delegate deems that no carts at all should be driven off the paths, no Red Flags will be issued. Red Flag privileges are subject to all other rules as noted herein and specifically section 4a above, with these exceptions:

    3. Carts with Red Flags may drive in the rough under the following procedure: keeping the golf cart in the fairway, continue until arriving at a point adjacent to the golf ball. Carts may then enter the rough and proceed through the rough to the ball. After hitting the golf shot, the cart must return directly to the fairway and progress to the spot where the ball now rests, repeating this procedure as long as the ball remains in the rough.

    4. Carts with Red Flags may proceed to within 30 feet of greens, tees, and bunkers.

  1. Caddies are not to drive carts to and from automobiles unless they are sixteen years of age or older and accompanied by a Member or Guest.

  2. All caddies are to be treated with consideration and understanding. If a caddie’s performance is not satisfactory, this should be reported to the Golf Shop or the outside services manager.

  3. The Golf Shop conducts training programs and shall authorize only those caddies qualified by the training program to serve the Club.

  4. Caddy fees shall be set by the Board of Governors. Cash tipping of caddies is permissible and encouraged.

  5. Caddies are not allowed in the Clubhouse.

  1. The Golf Season is defined as April 1st through October 31st of each calendar year.

  2. The golf course is open Tuesday through Sunday, unless the Golf Course Superintendent declares the course unplayable. On Holiday weekends, the course will remain open on Monday and close on Tuesday. The course is closed to all Members on all other Mondays.

  3. No persons other than Members and Guests engaged in regular play and properly registered in the Golf Shop to play, and employees of Meadowbrook Country Club, may use or be on any part of the course.

  4. Members are required to turn in all scores from March 11th through October 29th for handicap calculation purposes. Members who do not have Club accredited handicaps may be eligible for tournaments at the discretion of the Golf Committee.

  5. Range balls are the property of Meadowbrook Country Club and are to be used only on the practice tee. Use of range balls on the course is not allowed. Anyone using range balls on the course will be subject to warning and suspension of privileges.

  6. Each player must have a set of clubs.

  7. A nominal trail fee will be charged for walking the golf course before 12 noon on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during the Golf Season. Proceeds from the trail fee will be used to fund the Caddy Program.

  1. ALL GOLFERS MUST REGISTER IN THE GOLF SHOP BEFORE TEEING OFF. Unless specific permission is accorded under other provisions of these Golf Rules, all guests must have not less than one Member of the Club in the foursome in which they are playing. The Members are responsible for the behavior of all their guests and shall see that all of these rules are followed.

  2. All play shall commence from the first tee unless otherwise specifically instructed by the Golf Shop. The holes will be played consecutively.

  3. All golf cart rental fees and guest fees must be charged to the Member’s account.

  4. Matches of more than four (4) players are prohibited during the Golf Season. Between November 1st and March 31st, matches of more than four players are permissible with the consent of a member of the Golf Shop professional staff. Such matches must at all times allow groups of four or fewer to play through whenever these groups are being delayed.

  5. Members of other private clubs who have been granted limited reciprocity may use the facilities under the terms and conditions set forth under the reciprocal agreement, subject to the provisions of these Club Rules and By-laws. In such situations, at least one member of the group must be from a reciprocal club and shall be subject to all guest and cart fees.

  1. Children under 12 years of age may not use or be on the golf course or practice areas without specific permission from the Golf Professional, who shall outline the conditions for issuance and maintenance of a playing card.

  2. The Ladies 18 Hole Group has exclusive use of the golf course on Wednesdays from the time the course opens until 11:30 am or until the first tee clears, whichever comes first.

  3. On Thursdays, Men shall have exclusive use of the first tee from 11:00 am until 2:30 pm.

  4. On Fridays, the Ladies 9 Hole Group shall have reserved tee times on the back nine commencing at 9:00 am and running consecutively.

  5. On Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday mornings, the golf course shall be reserved exclusively for Members until 12 noon.

  6. From November 1st through March 31st, there shall be no restrictions on play.