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The Course Brand

A New Era of Meadowbrook Golf

Our new brand is much more than a logo - this branding system extends from graphic image to tangible course elements while paying homage to the Club's history and tradition. Whether you see the marks on apparel or pull the wooden stick out of the cup, the feeling is the same: a deep sense of pride for one of the best courses in the state of Missouri. 


An Idea in Motion

While logos and branding have been visited and revisited throughout the years, a group of visionaries and leaders consisting of Members, Staff and an incredibly talented graphic designer, Kyle Walton took the conversation from just an idea to the creation of an extended branding system for Meadowbrook's Golf Course.


Tradition meets Today

The Course has always been the gem of Meadowbrook Country Club and after a recent renovation of all 18-Holes by Golf Course Architect, Kevin Hargrave, the addition of new, premium, and relevant private course elements felt like the perfect ending to this grand capital enhancement plan. These new elements are both classic & unseen in St. Louis; creating an experience that is uniquely Meadowbrook. Leaning into the history and heritage of a club that has been golfing their ball in St. Louis since 1944, these icons feel like they have been here since day one. Welcome to the new era of golf at Meadowbrook Country Club.